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Region 7 (Tulsa County) Hospital Net

We are finalizing who will be participating in the drill before making assignments. The plan is to start the net at 1900 hrs. So you will need to deploy to your assigned facility with time for a 1900 hrs net start. We may include a monitoring time frame on-air for you to report in as you are deploying to the facility.


All of the radios should be programmed, but please familiarize yourself with Kenwood models TM-V7A, TM-V71A, and TM-V708 (there is only one of these and it is at St. Francis South). The code plug programming is similar across all models, but will vary slightly depending on the radio. We will make sure you all have the appropriate frequencies before the drill. These are pretty straight forward radios, but having a simple operational picture of how to use them beforehand is not a bad idea.


We will send out a facility information sheet with instructions on where the radio is located after we make assignments.


Paul/Jeff, I would like to include a Winlink component to the drill where we send a message through Jeff, one facility, and the Medical Emergency Response Center (MERC). We can discuss this further if you would think we can make it work.


Please let me know if you have any questions and we will reach out with more information as the net gets closer.

We will be conducting an on-air briefing for the volunteers participating in the next Hospital Net.  The briefing will be a part of the Tulsa ARES net on January 16, 2020, at 2000 hrs.  Volunteers participating in this drill are strongly encouraged to check in on the Tulsa ARES net on the 16th.


Thank you for your participation and support!





James Plumlee, NRP

Region 7 Comms. Specialist

1417 N. Lansing Ave. | Tulsa, Oklahoma 74106

W: MERC (918)596-3660 | C: (918)500-2122 | KI5DAZ




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