Pictures of Events

The first Creek County ARES OK Fox Hunt was a success in my opinion. There will be more for sure. I believe all who participated had a good time and might have learned a thing or two. That was the intent. I know I did. Creek County ARES OK (CCAO) needs to thank the following for their help and involvement in this Fox Hunt.

First, all those that took part and hunted the FOX. Though a couple of you were not successful in finding the fox, hopefully you still enjoyed yourself and will return for the next rounds of fox hunting. I enjoyed you being a part of it.

Next, CCAO AEC K5MWP Mike, for helping monitor the frequencies and keep track of things. Your involvement was a necessary thing for this to be a smooth operation at the beginning and throughout.

K5CFY and KB5VDB, Ray and Ron, I appreciate your taking part in the manner that you both did and I appreciate your efforts in spreading the word for all to take part.

Last but most definitely not least, Creek County Fairgrounds. Thank you for allowing us to hide the FOX on your premises and to allow all the hunters access to find it. You have a great facility and we hope in the future that we will have a chance to come back and use it again for one reason or another. for advertising the event and supporting amateur radio in Northeast Oklahoma.

Well, that about does it. Congrats to those who found the Fox and the ones who passed their test shortly thereafter! Thank you all and have a great rest of the weekend. It is time for the pool! de KI5EGH

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